Case Study: Improving Turnaround Times by 90% per Test

The impact of Labgnostic on the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin

Thank you to Paudy O'Gorman, Jane Culligan, and Ken Radford at MMUH for their work on this study.



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Dramatically improving efficiency for lab referrals

"Labgnostic has revolutionised the way we do our business through the digital management of orders and results for our 20,000 annual sample referrals. This delivers benefits to the patients we serve through improved turnaround times while removing major overheads incurred during the previous manual, paper-based system we employed.”

Paudy O'Gorman
Laboratory Manager
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital


Paper-based processes consumed valuable time and resources

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, refers more than 20,000 samples per year to external laboratories. Before Labgnostic, each of these samples, and the tests performed on them, were managed manually end-to-end through a paper-based process, requiring significant overheads for all staff, from Clinicians to IT professionals, in the Mater’s labs.

All samples referred out by the Mater needed to be followed up manually, and patients’ results were primarily returned to the Mater on paper, through the post. These paper results needed to be time- stamped, signed and then scanned against the relevant order on the Mater’s Patient Administration System (PAS), meaning, end-to-end, there was a significant wait for results for clinicians and their patients.


Labgnostic automated workflows and streamlined all processes

In 2021 the Mater went live with Labgnostic, and almost immediately their TaTs were drastically reduced. Externally referred orders now pass electronically, and seamlessly, from PAS, to LIS, through Labgnostic to the performing lab, and the results are returned almost immediately post-analysis in the same way.

Labgnostic has enabled a host of benefits for MMUH

The plummet in TaTs is making things better for everyone across the referral workflow

Safer diagnoses

Clinicians can make faster decisions when they receive results sooner, and feel confident results are error-free, benefiting patient safety


Clinical and lab staff don't waste time on admin tasks and chasing results, instead they can focus on crucial work within the lab

Sample tracking

MMUH are able to see where samples are at any point in the referral process, which is useful when sending samples to the UK

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