Case Study: 100% Reduction in Staff Time Required for EQA/PT Reporting

Labgnostic transforms EQA/PT reporting at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin

Thank you to Paudy O'Gorman, Jane Culligan, and Ken Radford at MMUH for their work on this study.



Download the full case study

Download the full case study

100% reduction in staff entering and checking EQA/PT results

"Using Labgnostic for our EQA/PT schemes means we now have zero requesting errors, transcription errors, and failed returns for lateness. The number of staff needed to perform EQA has been reduced and staff have actually said that they feel less stressed by the new process and retaining our great EQA scores."


The manual process of EQA/PT reporting wasted valuable staff time and increased the risk of EQA/PT failure.

MMUH reported 1,000 individual manually
entered PT results per month, referred from UK NEQAS Birmingham Quality. This wasted up to 80 hours of staff time and commonly led to transcription errors and missed EQA deadlines.


Connecting to Labgnostic reduced the administrative burden of EQA/PT reporting, eradicating errors and late returns and saving staff time.

Since connecting to UK NEQAS Birmingham Quality via Labgnostic, MMUH have had no EQA/PT failures for errors or late returns. They have also seen a 100% reduction in staff time, saving up to 80 hours on the reporting process, allowing their staff to be redeployed to other tasks.

Labgnostic has enabled a host of benefits for MMUH

EQA/PT results accurately
reflect lab quality

Minimises potential failures for late returns and eradicates transcription and transposition errors.

Operational cost-savings

Reduces the operational cost of EQA, but reducing the administrative burden.

Increased staff satisfaction

Less time-consuming and pressured for laboratory staff who are responsible for any reporting errors and processing delays.

Productivity outputs as
staff redeployed to lab

More time and energy can be invested into higher value clinical processes.

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