A global technology which enables any lab to refer test requests or results to another lab with ease.

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What do we do?

Connect diagnostic systems worldwide.

Labgnostic enables any lab to electronically refer test requests or results to any other lab on our network, through a single interface. By offering labs access to a network of other referring or performing diagnostic organisations, Labgnostic solves the challenge of digitally connecting labs on disparate systems. Labgnostic removes error-prone manual processes, which brings reduced turnaround times, improved patient safety, and operational cost savings.

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Through exchange hubs across Europe, the US and Australia, Labgnostic connects almost 200 diagnostic organisations worldwide.

Labgnostic was formerly known as the National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) in the United Kingdom, where Labgnostic has a 95% market share.

How Labgnostic helps your lab.

Bring down costs

Labgnostic enables global user connectivity without the need for any site-to-site integration.

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Become more efficient

Streamlines clinical data transfer by eliminating manual steps and reducing TaTs by an average of 90% per test.

Improve patient safety

Error reduction and reduced turnaround times means faster patient results and clinical decisions.

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Access a network

All users get unlimited access to a network of labs through a single connection.

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Ensure data accuracy

Sample tracking, audit trails, real-time visibility, and the removal of manual input ensure more accurate data.

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Streamline the transfer of data from lab to lab

All tests sent through Labgnostic are mapped against the local laboratory system codes of the requester and, through Labgnostic, they are translated into the local codes of the performing laboratory system. When results are generated, they are sent back to the requester through Labgnostic almost instantly.

Labgnostic lab-to-lab message workflow

Core functionality

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Single connection

Diagnostic organisations can connect any lab of the network via a single access point.

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Multiple workflows

Supports multiple lab-to-lab workflows including connectivity between LIS to LIS, LIS to TIE/EHR, and access to labs for EQA/PT providers.

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External quality assurance

EQA/PT organisations can automate workflows, allowing labs to process EQA as part of their normal lab-to-lab workflow.

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Multiple disciplines

Supports free text, coded, numeric and PDF results across most diagnostic disciplines from Blood Sciences to Microbiology.

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Specimen tracking

Patient samples are visible end-to-end through audit trails, time stamps, and access to the status of individual samples and whole shipments.

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Web application

The Labgnostic UI allows you to set up new tests and lab configurations, assemble shipments, book in samples, and access results.

Service Offering

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Professional implementation

Dedicated deployment team who can get new labs live and new users trained in a matter of weeks.

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Responsive support

Dedicated online ticketing support system to provide customers with the support they need, when they need it.

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Dedicated account management

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager to ensure you get the most out of Labgnostic.

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