Automate lab2lab referrals without costly interfaces

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X-Lab trusted global partner

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500 million

Covid tests done during the pandemic

95% market share

Market Share

X-Lab supports 95% of UK labs

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200+ Connections

We connect hundreds of diagnostic organisations


180+ LIMS

Labgnostic supports all major LIMS


6000+ tests

Our library of coded tests is growing daily

Improving healthcare outcomes

X-lab helps you streamline test ordering across the wider healthcare community both within Labs and out to various service providers, to deliver fast results to the clinicians that need them.

Our growing solutions portfolio covers:


Our core lab-to-lab platform for streamlines test ordering and results reporting between labs. This forms the basis of our national pathology exchange network in the US and globally.

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Fast, accurate, automated Proficiency Testing (PT) for PT vendors worldwide. This puts an end to manually transcribing proficiency test results, improves data accuracy, ensures compliance, and saves vast amounts of time.

X-Lab – connecting the world’s diagnostic systems

Our aim is to connect the world’s diagnostic systems by streamlining interoperability and ensuring all data is at hand to deliver the best patient outcomes. As a global provider we currently have operations in:

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