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Arkana Labs center for esoteric pathology

Arkansas lab launches a successful pilot with TriCore Reference Laboratories on the Labgnostic network to enable systems-agnostic interoperability between diagnostic laboratories.

Little Rock, Arkansas: 05/22/2023 – Today, Arkana Labs, a renal pathology specialty lab based in Little Rock, Arkansas, became one of the first two labs to go live with X-Lab’s Labgnostic in the US. Arkana, together with Tricore, an independent reference testing laboratory in Albequerque, New Mexico is poised to transition their existing paper-based orders and results workflows to fully electronic workflows.

Electronic interfacing enables orders and results to be sent between referring labs and performing labs without the need for manual entry of orders and results. In Arkana’s case, many of their samples arrive, without prior warning, on a paper form which needs to be manually transcribed into the Arkana Laboratory Information System (LIS). Additionally, Arkana often has to chase missing patient information to ensure they can bill patients or insurers for their work. In the current workflow, results are sent back to the customer via email or fax where the customer manually transcribes the results back into their LIS or EMR. With Labgnostic, Arkana will be adding the capability for electronic workflows for internal and external stakeholders.

Labgnostic enables Arkana access to a network of labs via a single interface to exchange samples with any other lab on the network, for a fraction of the cost of setting up multiple point-to-point interfaces. This opens up connectivity with labs that Arkana would not otherwise be able to interface with due to cost barriers and ensures samples arriving can be anticipated, accepted, resulted and billed efficiently.

On the news of the “Go Live”, Arkana’s COO, Aaron Nichols, said:

“As an esoteric lab with low case volumes coming from many clients across the country, we are excited about the efficiency the Labgnostic platform will bring to our operation by avoiding the cost and time needed to establish hundreds of point-to-point interfaces.”

On the news of the “Go Live”, X-Lab’s CEO, Mat Barrow, said:

“We’re excited about the go-live between Tricore and Arkana. This represents the first step towards growing a national exchange of laboratories in the US and sharing the benefits which the UK has been experiencing for a long time. As more labs join the network, the possibilities of what Labgnostic can offer to the US market will only grow stronger.”

The Labgnostic team is still looking for US labs to join their network as early-adopters. If you think your lab might benefit from the service then please email Steve Box, Global Business Development Director (

About Arkana Labs

Arkana Laboratories is a center for esoteric pathology focused on one thing: improving care for patients. As the largest renal pathology lab in the United States, Arkana is dedicated to providing rapid testing and results for all of our patients. We are a learning, teaching, innovating practice, with a mission to advance understanding of disease and provide world class diagnostics that aids in our work toward research breakthroughs. Visit

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