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These plucky Brits stormed to success in the USA and guess what?  Leading with our Labgnostic EQA product, we’re taking our first plucky steps into this vast market place to emulate their success and presence!  

A high proportion of Clinical Laboratories in the United States spend scarce resources accessioning proficiency testing samples, typing results and resolving unwanted errors. It is time to make a change to deliver a workflow that is like-for-like with patient specimen order and report workflows in the LIS. 

OK – some new terminology for you.  Across the pond, we know that “colour” is “color” and “programme” is “program”. Well there are also differences for the term EQA which is known as PT and, LIMS is known as LIS.  Other than that, our fabulous Labgnostic product provides the same great benefits as in the UK and all over the world. 

We’ve started strong; by no means are we expecting a residency in Las Vegas but we’re delighted to have signed an agreement with Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSHLPT) to join our Labgnostic network. WSLHPT is a provider who cover private labs, hospital labs, university labs and health care centre labs in the state of Wisconsin

City hopping through the States, our lead man paving the way – Steve Box – visited some phenomenal hospitals, laboratories and PT Providers. 

  • Sonic Sunrise Lab in Hicksville, NYA
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and NMS Labs, both in Philadelphia
  • Precision Medicine Laboratory, Chicago
  • Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Memphis

Steve’s trip concluded at the Executive War College (EWC) conference in New Orleans where he was joined by our Business Growth Director Terence Smith. They hosted a reception, met some great new people and demonstrated our LabgnosticPT product (not to mention filling test tubes with M&M chocolates and handing them out to the EWC attendees).  Steve was invited to join a panel of speakers about “Emerging National Lab Networks Automate Reference Test Ordering Resulting”  – not quite the Vegas residency but definitely akin to one night on Broadway!  

Exciting times and a lot of hard work ahead to conquer the American market.  We’re looking forward to becoming an integral part of the workflow in US pathology laboratories and we’ll keep you posted with our success! 

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Article authored by:
Anne Sørensen

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