Automated Proficiency Testing for data accuracy and compliance



Automated Proficiency Testing

Put an end to manually transcribing Proficiency Testing (PT) results and return schemes directly from your Lab Information System (LIS) into your provider’s portal.

PT testing is crucial to ensure your laboratory’s testing practices are consistently meeting the highest standard. LabgnosticPT digitally connects your lab directly with PT providers, eliminating the current unnecessary manual processes, reducing failures and enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and staff satisfaction.

Your Challenges

Time and cost inefficiency

An enormous amount of time is spent on manual PT processes which creates unnecessary time and cost inefficiencies.

Reduces lab capacity for patient testing

Valuable staff time spent on PT reporting could be redeployed to turning around patient samples and other business-critical laboratory tasks.

Frustrating failed returns and low PT scores

Filling out forms to onboard samples to analysers and manually transcribing results leads to delays, errors, and inaccurate PT reports, contributing to lower PT scores or failures.

Lower staff satisfaction

The administrative burden of PT reporting is labor-intensive and highly pressurised which can lead to dissatisfaction among laboratory staff who are responsible for maintaining the high PT scores.

Our Solution

Key advantages of using LabgnosticPT for PT reporting:

Removes manual processing

Labgnostic automates and streamlines the manual process of booking-in, onboarding, and resulting samples. It also eliminates the need to check for transcription errors before returning results.

Redeploys time to the lab

The digital workflow reduces the time laboratory staff spend on PT reporting, increasing operational efficiency by giving time back to patient testing and other business-critical activities.

PT reporting mirrors patient sample handling

The seamless integration of your lab information system (LIS)with its PT providers enables staff to handle PT samples like normal patient samples. The process is more familiar and ensures that the lab’s results accurately reflect the lab’s quality.

Efficient onboarding

Our dedicated deployment team ensures a smooth transition for new labs, completing the setup in just a few weeks.


“Using Labgnostic for our PT schemes means we now have zero requesting errors, transcription errors, and failed returns for lateness. The number of staff needed to perform PT has been reduced and staff have actually said that they feel less stressed by the new process and retaining our great PT scores.”

Adam Tonge, IT Coordinator Department of Biochemistry, Manchester Royal Infirmary

 Reflective PT Scores

Choose LabgnosticPT for the certainty that your PT results reflect the quality of your lab’s testing and reporting processes.

Happier Labs

Ensure staff feel more satisfied that the PT scores reflect the quality of their work and give them the capacity to focus on what matters

Time and Cost Saving

Increase operational efficiency by cutting the time and cost associated with PT reporting and optimize valuable laboratory resources for patient testing

No Unnecessary CLIA Failures


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