RCPAQAP supercharge their Quality Assurance Programs with X-Lab’s automated lab interoperability



RCA Quality Assurance Programs

The Royal College of Pathologists Australasia Quality Assurance Programs (RCPAQAP) are strategically engaging with X-Lab and its Labgnostic EQA solution to provide paperless automation of Proficiency Testing.

Leeds, UK & Sydney, Australia – 28th Sept 2023: X-Lab, the world’s leading lab interoperability provider, is delighted to announce a strategic engagement with RCPAQAP to achieve automated, paperless, quality assurance testing and reporting. The agreement follows the outstanding success of X-Lab’s solutions in helping the UK government process 500 million Covid tests during the pandemic.

RCPAQAP aims to improve the quality practice of pathology to support the safety of patients and to be the recognised leader in external quality assurance (EQA) in pathology, both nationally and internationally.

The Labgnostic interoperability solution eliminates the need for:
  • manual data entry and paper forms
  • decreases the risk of missed EQA submissions
  • reduces pre-and post-transcription errors
  • drives significant improvements in data quality

Its cleaner data reduces the possibility of incorrect and unrepresentative results entering the RCPAQAP dataset from responder laboratories.

Derek Holzhauser, CIO at RCPAQAP, states,

“The implementation of Labgnostic allows laboratories to return EQA results electronically like they would for a patient. This solution should improve data quality and eliminate manual input from participating labs, saving time and staffing costs for EQA. Additionally, the implementation of Labgnostic will promote the adoption of Australian standard terminologies by following the RCPA’s Standardised Pathology Informatics in Australia (SPIA) Guidelines.”

The initial pilot will automate EQA ordering and results reporting from RCPAQAP to two pilot laboratories. The rollout is anticipated to continue to other RCPAQAP participating laboratories once successful.

Michelle Frazer, Business Development Director, Australia, adds,

“The National Healthcare Interoperability Plan recommends international research into standards and policies regarding digital health technology, specifically mentioning the UK. This agreement with RCPAQAP will allow us to demonstrate how easily healthcare interoperability can be delivered for diagnostic laboratories, with immediate operational efficiencies, staff benefits and improved patient care outcomes.

“Our aim is to replicate the UK’s national pathology exchange, which serves 95% of the UK labs market, to provide similar interoperability benefits to laboratory staff, clinicians and patients throughout Australia.”

About RCPA Quality Assurance Programs

RCPA Quality Assurance Programs are world leaders in the provision of external quality assurance (EQA) for pathology laboratories. We offer a comprehensive range of EQA for all disciplines of pathology. Our programs are offered in Australia and internationally in over 80 countries. RCPAQAP is committed to providing an efficient and customer-focused service to participants.

For more information – https://rcpaqap.com.au/
International: +61 2 9045 6000

Article authored by:
Anne Sørensen

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