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AACB Brisbane a fantastic platform for the X-Lab launch

The AACB 60th Annual Scientific Conference in Brisbane on 17-19 Oct proved a fantastic platform for X-Lab’s launch into the Australian market and the wider APAC region, with keen interest coming from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

AACB (Australasian Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine) conference was a small event but attended by senior staff from organisations across APAC. Out of the 300 delegates, the team spoke to over 100 from across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The conference and our Pulse+IT article – RCPA trialling lab interoperability solution for quality assurance – has led to significant engagements with a number of major hospitals, digital health providers and government agencies.

Alex Clark, Project Manager at X-Lab, mentioned that,

“We had overwhelmingly positive reactions from everyone we spoke to and interestingly the second conversation I had was with someone who said – ‘I’ve heard of you in the UK (as NPEx now called Labgnostic), and we need this’. Other comments from those Australians trained in the UK included, “Finally you’re here, I’ve been telling my colleagues about you” and “We need to build regional collaboration to exchange referrals.”

Also, thanks to the RCPA Quality Assurance Programs mention of the EQA Labgnostic Project in a presentation on the first day, we had a steady stream of attendees keen to find out more about how they could automate and streamline their EQA processes. RCPA are well-known in the industry and are proving to be a valuable partner and they are just as excited about it as we are.

National interoperability prime throughout the region

The team had visits from a number of New Zealand labs who mentioned that the NZ Government had recently dismantled 20 District Health Boards to create a truly national health system. This has reduced competition and encouraged collaboration across the country and a national solution for linking laboratories has now become a priority. The recent release of the Australian National Interoperability Plan also makes the X-Lab launch into APAC extremely timely, with interoperability between all labs being our major focus.

APAC investment well founded

AACB not only served as an excellent source of promising engagements, but it also provided confidence that our investment in APAC is well-founded and gives us significant proof-points for both our Lab-to-Lab and EQA strategies. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Article authored by:
Anne Sørensen

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