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X-Lab revolutionises lab connectivity

X-Lab is set to make waves at Digital Health Week NZ. This conference serves as the perfect platform for us to showcase Labgnostic and LabgnosticEQA aimed at revolutionising lab-to-lab interoperability and enhancing pathology External Quality Assurance. 

Expanding lab interoperability into APAC

Labgnostic stands as a world-leading lab interoperability solution, addressing the challenge of connecting labs operating on disparate laboratory information systems. By providing a simple, single point of access to a wide network of multiple pathology organisations, Labgnostic has transformed lab-to-lab connectivity in the UK NHS. Supporting over 95% of UK labs, Labgnostic facilitates seamless communication, and eliminates error-prone manual and paper-based processes. The aim is to enable similar lab interoperability throughout APAC.

With a user base spanning almost 200 diagnostic organisations across Europe, the US, and Australia, Labgnostic has proven its efficacy. Notably, it played a pivotal role as the data infrastructure for the UK’s national COVID-19 response, processing over 300 million tests during the pandemic. 

Elevating External Quality Assurance (EQA)

LabgnosticEQA takes lab connectivity to the next level by offering External Quality Assurance (EQA) and Proficiency Testing (PT) providers access to a network of laboratories for their schemes. Through a single interface, LabgnosticEQA facilitates the electronic transmission of scheme requests and results, eliminating paper submission, manual transcription and expediting the return of results, ultimately contributing to more accurate data. 

Connect with the future 

As X-Lab takes centre stage at Digital Health Week NZ, we invite delegates, clinicians, IT professionals, and industry leaders to Booth 121. Engage with our team, led by Business Director, APAC Michelle Frazer and Project Manager Alex Clark, to explore how Labgnostic and LabgnosticEQA are shaping the future of digital health connectivity and lab quality assurance. Join us as we redefine the rules of digital health connectivity. 

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Anne Sørensen

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