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Building on its extensive Labgnostic national pathology network (formerly known as NPEx) X-Lab launches LabReach – Order Comms for Remote Requesters

 X-Lab, the world’s leading lab interoperability provider, is delighted to announce the launch of LabReach – a web-based, order communications portal for remote requesters.  Clinics and services, with no previous access to digital test ordering, can now electronically request tests from the labs of their choice. The solution will eliminate manual, paper-based forms, dramatically reduce lab workload, and ensure safe, accurate submission, tracking and delivery of pathology test results directly to the requester.

Services such as occupational health, sexual health, mental health, sports clinics, screening services and private clinics can now reap the benefits of digital order comms and can request, track and receive test results directly from any remote location with internet access.

With X-Lab already supporting 95% of the UK Labs and, as the foundational solution for the NHS Test and Trace, where Labgnostic processed over 500 million tests during the pandemic, X-Lab has an excellent pedigree in delivering lab interoperability. LabReach now brings this expertise to remote requesters.

For Laboratories 

LabReach reduces the disproportionate demands on lab staff time by eliminating manual, paper-based forms for test ordering from remote requesters. The portal dramatically reduces tracking calls to the lab as requesters can now view the status of tests online. Pre-coded specimen IDs reduce specimen reception times, enable pass-through barcoding, and avoid transcription errors to the LIMS due to poor handwriting on the forms. LabReach streamlines lab turnaround times (TaTs).

For Requesters

LabReach is available from any location with web access, opening the service to a vast range of potential users. Public health, screening or clinic staff will now be able to order multi-specimen tests via the web-portal and sent and results received notifications will give complete visibility of the test journey – eliminating the need for chasing calls and giving peace of mind that tests are progressing.

Synchronisation with the NHS Personal Demographic Service (PDS) for the requester enables accurate and speedy input of the latest patient details at the point of origin. Data privacy, for example, for sexual health and occupational health clinics, is maintained by ensuring results will only be visible to the original requesting organisation. And essential clinical information capture ensures the lab gets the complete diagnostic picture for accurate results determination.

Rob Calvert, Chief Product Officer at X-Lab, stated: “LabReach is a natural progression from our Labgnostic lab-to-lab interoperability solution where we currently support 95% of the UK’s NHS laboratories. With LabReach we can now provide the benefits of order comms to those services often on the periphery of mainstream digital provision such as care homes, local pharmacies and even the prison service. There are still huge volumes of paper-referrals across the NHS, with LabReach we’ll be able to reach those services and bring them into the digital family.”

For more info 

Download data sheet For Requesters here

Download data sheet For Laboratories here

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